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BA in English (QCF Level 6)

Diploma of Higher Education (DipHE) in English (QCF Level 5) and

Certificate of Higher Education (CertHE) in English (QCF Level 4)

Is this programme for me?

Our English programme gives you the opportunity to study and enjoy some of the great literatures of the world, immersing yourself in a range of works from the Middle Ages to the present day. The programme has been redeveloped for 2012 to include a range of new optional courses, including Introduction to Creative Writing’, ‘Language and the Media’ and 'Language and Gender'. Popular literature courses, such as 'Postcolonial Literatures in English', 'American Literature' and 'Drama since 1860' reflect exciting new global approaches to English studies in the 21st century.  Your study experience will be enriched by online support through tutor groups, e-seminars and formative assessment.

Studying this programme will enable you to:

  • expand your knowledge and understanding of cultural, historical and regional evolutions or continuities of literatures in English
  • develop an understanding of the diverse and sometimes conflicting ways in which literary texts have been interpreted and area being reinterpreted
  • gain the skills to read, discuss and write about literary and non-literary texts effectively and with confidence.

Study options

You can choose from a full BA (12 courses), Diploma of Higher Education in English (8 courses) or a Certificate of Higher Education in English (4 courses). The Certificate is an ideal option if you don't feel ready to commit to a full Diploma or degree programme or don't satisfy the entrance requirements. Once you pass the Certificate, you can transfer your registration to the Diploma or BA. You can also transfer to the BA on completion of the Diploma.

Please be aware that these programmes are specifically concerned with the study of English Literature and it is assumed that prospective students will already be fluent in spoken and written English.

Develop transferable skills

Studying English will equip you with transferable skills that can be used in a wide range of contexts. You will be able to understand and analyse complex ideas and to present your ideas clearly and logically. This will give you a sound basis for a career in areas such as the civil service, teaching and research, advertising and marketing, journalism, radio and television, and commerce and business. If you complete the BA successfully you may be able to progress to postgraduate study in the degree field or a related area of the arts and humanities.

BA Degree: 12 courses (four Level 4 courses, four Level 5 courses and four Level 6 courses)

Diploma of Higher Education: Eight courses (four Level 4 courses and four Level 5 courses)

Certificate of Higher Education: Four Level 4 courses


Level 4


Two core Modules (BA, DipHE & CertHE)


Explorations in Literature

Approaches to Text


Level  4 (BA, DipHE & CertHE)


Plus two courses chosen from


Renaissance Comedy: Shakespeare and Jonson

Introduction to Creative Writing

Introduction to English Language


Level 5


Two courses chosen from


Literature of the Later Middle Ages

Renaissance and Restoration

Augustans and Romantics


Level 5


Plus two courses chosen from




Varieties of English


Level 6 (BA only)


Four courses chosen from


American Literature

Drama since 1860

Language and Gender

Language and the Media

The Novel

Postcolonial Literatures in English


Academic Requirements

General Entrance Requirements – BA and DipHEs 


To be eligible for the BA English degree and the Diploma of Higher Education in English, you need the equivalent of:

  • two subjects at GCE A Level, and at least three further subjects at GCSE or GCE O Level (at not less than grade C, or a ‘pass’ if taken prior to 1975)
  • or three subjects at GCE A Level (with one A Level at not less than grade D)
  • or three subjects at GCE A Level, and one further subject at GCSE or GCE O Level (at not less than grade C)
  • or two subjects at GCE A Level, and two further subjects at AS Level

Other qualifications of an equivalent standard to A Levels and GCSEs may be accepted at the discretion of the University. See entrance qualification around the world [pdf: 10 pgs 225KB] for more information.

General Entrance Requirements – Certificates of Higher Education

To be eligible for the Certificate of Higher Education in English, you need the equivalent of:

  • a minimum of three subjects at Grade C or above at GCSE/GCE O level or an equivalent examination and
  • GCSE/GCE O level in English Language at Grade C
  • or, within the last three years, have passed at the required standard a test of proficiency in English that is recognised by the University of London.

Programme specific entrance requirements – BA English and DipHE

To meet our requirements, you must have a competence at least equivalent to a pass in the GCE A level in English and

  • either GCSE or GCE O level English Language at Grade C or above
  • or, within the past three years, have passed at the required standard a test of proficiency in English that is recognised by the University of London







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