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Rapid advances in information technology have created the need for specialists with expertise to make use of these new technologies.

The information technology programmes are designed to provide the successful graduates with the intellectual skills, detailed knowledge and stimulating environment needed to meet the challenges, which these technologies have generated.

DURATION : minimum 3 Years

1st Year: 102 Mathematics for computing

108 Information Systems: Foundation of E-Business.
109 Introduction to Java and Object-oriented programming
110 Introduction to Computing and Internet

2nd Year: 209 Database Systems

212 Programming: Advanced topics and technics.
222 Data Communication and Entreprise Networking
226 Software Engineering; algorithm design and analysis

3rd Year: 310 Artificial Intelligence (Half unit)

314 Software engineering management (Half unit)
315 Human Computer interaction (Half unit)
318 Information Systems Management (Half unit)
323 Electronic Commerce (Half unit)
326 Computer Security (Half unit)
320 Project.

Entry Requirements

Either passes in:

  • Two subjects at GCE 'A' level plus at least three further subjects at GCSE/GCE 'O' level (at not less than grade C or a 'pass' if taken prior to 1975) or
    Three subjects at GCE ‘A’ level (with one ‘A’ level at not less than grade D) or
    Three subjects at GCE 'A' level, plus one further subject at GCSE/GCE 'O' level (at not less than grade C) or
    - Two subjects at GCE 'A' Level and two further subjects at GCE 'AS' Level and

  • Have a level of competence in Mathematics at least equivalent to a pass at GCE 'AS' level in a mathematical subject and

  • Have fluent comprehension and writing skills in English.

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